February Exhibit of 44 World War II Posters at L.E. Shore Library in Thornbury


World War II Poster Art Presented by DanField Antiques at L.E. Shore Library


During the month of February, a time capsule of life in Britain during World War II will be featured at Shore Library in the gallery.

Through the war years  this large collection of poster art was neatly folded and stored by Colonel Louis Keene, the commanding officer of the Lorne Rifles Regiment of Oakville Ontario. It has rarely been seen since.

Colonel Keene, a gifted war time artist himself, understood the craft that went into making these posters and set them aside for posterity.

The subject matter of the works includes specific battles in the air, in the desert, and at sea. The tragedies and the triumphs are used to solicit war bonds.

Home life posters include information instructing citizens on: what to do in the event of an air raid; items you should recycle for the war effort; and reminders of the sacrifices being made by civilians.

Secrecy was essential. It was constantly stressed through the posters that no one should speak of anything that their loved ones told them when home on leave. Loose lips sink ships!

Some of the slogans would be considered unspeakable today, wartime or not.

Many of the works were drawn by well-known artists who had important careers after the war.

Four of the posters will be presented on period London Underground oak boards.

Collectively the posters tell us a story as it was relayed to military personnel and the citizen at home and provides a rare perspective on what life must have looked and felt like.

The collection includes some very rare Canadian posters, one of which tells a heartbreaking story little known today.

Occasionally, treasure troves of this order have been discovered in Britain and have caused much excitement in the British press.

Please take advantage of seeing this exhibition in Thornbury.

Dan Field will be on hand on Saturday February 6 from 2:00 until 4:00 to show you through and answer questions.20151215_135243 - Copy 20151215_134614 - Copy 20151215_133930 - Copy 20-20151102_160851 18-20151102_163109 18-20151102_155710 13-20151102_155827 14-20151102_154139 11-20151102_153248 13-20151102_153835 05-20151102_152536 04-20151102_150359 02-20151102_145619 01-20151102_144915

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