Arthur Heming, Artist, 1938 WAWANESA MUTUAL INSURANCE Calendar

Here is a terrific 1938 calendar issued by the Wawanesa Mutual Insurance Company and given by their agents to their clients. Wawanesa is a Canadian insurance company, started for farmers in 1896. Today, it still proudly serves Canadians, and since 1974, Americans. This is a calendar that would be hung on a wall; whether or not this one was, all the monthly calendars are intact. Behind the block of calendars is an informative profile regarding the brilliantly colorful artwork: “AH-MEEK – The Beaver”, Ah-Meek being the Ojibwa name for Beaver.

The beauty of this calendar is the spectacular art by Arthur Heming. I quote:
Arthur Henry Howard Heming (1870-1940) gained international renown as the “chronicler of the North”, through his vivid depictions of Canada's northlands in paintings, sketches, essays and books. Heming was an original occupant of Lawren S. Harris (1885-1970) and Dr. James M. MacCallum's (1860-1943) Studio Building, Toronto and a member of the Arts and Letters Club, Toronto. Born in Paris, Ontario and raised in Hamilton, Heming studied in New York and London under Frank Vincent DuMond (1865-1951) and Frank Brangwyn (1867-1956) respectively. His illustrations of northern wildlife, trappers and aboriginal people were widely published throughout North America and Europe, and his three published novels Spirit Lake, The Drama of the Forests and The Living Forest drew heavily from his experiences in northern Canada. Although Heming's best known works are his later brightly coloured oil paintings, the artist worked exclusively in black, white and yellow until he was 60 years old, having been informed at an early age that he was colour blind.

It was stored folded (not by us) and has a crease and there are no damaging signs of wear.

The calendar measures 12” x 22”

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