The Globe and Mail: The Christmas Globe magazine, Dec. 1906, Rare Original

An original and highly collectible December 1906 magazine, The Christmas Globe, from the parent company, The Globe, which became The Globe & Mail in 1936 after a merger with The Toronto Mail & Empire. The Christmas Globe was an annual feature for many years, though they are extremely rare to find and never in this great condition.

This copy is beautifully bound in Arts & Crafts tooled leather; the front shows THE GLOBE, TORONTO CANADA at the top with maple leaves dropping maple keys to the bottom banner, Christmas Number 1906. The back is plain. This beautiful cover would have been a premium offer.

The magazine itself was produced by the Toronto Lithographing Co. Ltd., who later became Stone Ltd. The whimsical colour cover of the child with her building blocks spelling out The Globe and the back cover Massey-Harris ad, Three Canadian Beauties, were produced by hand-drawn lithography on stone. (See pictures one and two.) The Massey-Harris advertisement is highly collectible on its own, and both of these covers would make wonderful posters if you were inclined to remove them and place them in a frame. Each page within has gold embossed edges.

This is a very rare collector’s item that is 114 years old next Christmas. Between the covers are forty-eight pages of great Canadian-centric themed poems, articles, stories, and photographs that celebrate our native and natural history including:

“The Talking Moose”, written and illustrated by Arthur Heming, a famous Canadian painter and novelist known as the “chronicler of the North” for his paintings, sketches, essays and books, about Canada's North. 1870-1940. This is a four-page story.

“The First Robin”, a poem by William Henry Drummond and illustrated by C.W. Jefferys, was a Canadian painter, illustrator, author, and teacher best known as an historical illustrator.

“The Camera Hunters Christmas Eve” by the writer and naturalist Bonnycastle Dale, is illustrated with ornithological themed photographs.

“A Christmas Angel”, a story of the Northwest by Wally Bernard, with pictures by John Sloane Gordon, a painter of great repute and a teacher of Group of Seven artist A.J. Casson and Doris McCarthy.

“A Sacred Trust, A Story of Upper Ottawa” written by Duncan Campbell Scott, is also illustrated by J.S. Gordon.

“Mary Ann Mainwaring, A Christmas story” by Jean Blewett, journalist, author, poet, and editor, with drawings by H.G. Macklin.

Many full-page and smaller ads can be found for historic Toronto and Canadian companies, such as T. Eaton Co. (double-page), Polson Iron Works, The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway, and others.

The condition is excellent, the pages are pristine; no foxing, no mold, no smell! A few pages have bent corners and minor edge tears, and I mention this for accuracy as they are not compromising the integrity of the pages. We had the leather binding professionally repaired to preserve this treasure for another century.

(To compare the quality and value of our copy, please see an example of this book on Abe Books listed for $419.00 USD and in much lesser condition, as it had been in a fire, and without the Arts and Crafts leather cover. I say this with utmost respect for Abe Books sellers; I only want you to have a valid comparison.)

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