Inuit Art

The artists of Cape Dorset, Nunavut have carved beautiful works of art that are rooted in naturalism and
bring to life key elements of the Inuit culture and environment.

Each piece is crafted by hand using the tools of the trade and no two pieces are alike.

This is just a small sample of the many finely crafted carvings of Bears, Owls, Narwhals, Figural Masks and Inukshuks we have available. As well, we have many fine watercolours and pencil drawings by the artists.

DF46 Bear Couple with DF46-2,3,4
Bear Couple – Marble,-
Papa Bear: Height: 6” x Length: 8”
Mama Bear: Height: 5” x Length: 7”
$1900 the pair

DF47 Dancing Bear with DF47-2
Dancing Bear – Soapstone
Papa Bear: Height: 11” x Width: 8”

DF48 Polar Bear 2 with DF48-2,3
Polar Bear – White Stone
Height: 5” x Length: 7”
Artist Carver: Noo Atsiaq

DF51 Kneeling Bear with DF51-2,-3,-4
Bear – Serpentine Stone
Height: 5.5” x Length: 6.5”
Artist Carver: Noah Parr

DF52 Walking Bear 1 with DF52-2,-3
Walking Bear #1 in Serpentine Stone
Height: 5” x Length: 9”
Artist Carver: Tim Pee

DF53 Grey Walking Bear 3 with DF53-2,-3
Bear – Serpentine Stone
Height: 5” x Length: 6.5”
Artist Carver: Markusie Papigatuk

DF55 Shaman with DF55-2
Metamorphic Shaman-Serpentine Stone
This fascinating piece morphs into an Arctic Char, a Hunter and a Walrus
Height: 11” x Length: 10 “ Artist Carver: Pudlat Shah
Price: $3,000.00

DF56 Polar Bear 1
Polar Bear – Alabaster
Height: 4” x Length: 9”
Artist Carver: Noo Atsiaq

DF57 Owl, Inukshuk Tall
Owl – Serpentine
Height: 5” x Wing Span: 14”
Artist Carver: Pits Qimirpik

Inukshuk – Serpentine
Height: 14” x Width: 9”
Artist Carver: Isaac Oqutaz

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