Printers Cabinets and 24 Type Trays and Worktop : Complete

These printers’ cabinets have all 24 type trays and were made by the Hamilton Manufacturing Company. A complete set is hard to find as the sets were often broken up and used for other purposes. Today the trays alone are selling for $30-$70.00 each. Printers cabinets are an excellent way to store your collection of buttons, marbles (we have loads of these as well) fossils, seashells, toy soldiers, die cast cars, jewellery etc. All the trays and the cabinets and worktops are in excellent condition but of course the trays have some signs of use which all add to the charm. We have one with steel fronts and one with maple fronts.

Price for Steel Front: $1200

Price for Maple Fronts: $1400

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