WWII Victory Bonds Poster – Canadian Nurse

Now more than ever…Buy VICTORY BONDS (Nurse: Canada WWII)

This is a very rare and original poster issued by the Canadian Government during World War II. The only other we have found is in the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Canada.

With the outbreak of World War II in 1939, once again civilian nurses came out in droves to enlist. Unlike the Nursing Sisters who came before them, they were no longer an Canadian Expeditionary force attached to the British army, rather they were fully integrated into the Canadian military. In addition, the nursing service went beyond the Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps. It was expanded to both the Royal Canadian Air Force Medical Branch and the Royal Canadian Naval Medical Service. By the end of the war, 4,480 Canadian Nursing Sisters served in the military, with 3,656 in the army, 481 with the air force, and 343 with the navy.

The poster shows a young, attractive Canadian nurse in uniform with text above and below. Simply stated: Now more than ever…Buy VICTORY BONDS. The poster is signed by the artist A.L. McLaren. (bottom right in the nurse’s sleeve). Alex McLaren was born in Lisbon, Portugal, but was educated at the Dundee School of Art in Scotland. 1n 1911, at the age of 19, he emigrated to Montreal, Canada and studied painting at the School of Fine Art. He went on to enjoy a lengthy career as a graphic artist. The unframed poster measures 18” x 24”.

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