Redecorate With Beautiful Antique Canadiana

Early Quebec Canadiana Collection Danfields June 2021
I read a Maclean’s article recently from 1963 where the author suggested that there would be very little Quebec furniture left in Canada by the Centennial Year of 1967.
American dealers were coming to rural Quebec every weekend and carting loads of furniture back to the U.S. with them.
This departure of material heritage had been ongoing for 30 years at that point.
The years leading up to our Centennial had created interest in our own country for early Quebec pieces, further diminishing supply. Canadian pickers were bringing what they could find to Ontario and conducting informal auctions off the back of trucks in dealer hotspots. I’ve been told that the small village of Avening not far from New Lowell was one of those places.
Highly sought after pieces were acquired and then kept in private and museum collections for decades.
Two full generations have passed since there was an opportunity to purchase nice unaltered examples. It’s hard to build excitement for young collectors if there are no pieces to be had.
The exciting days of making a barn find, sadly, are largely behind us.
So what’s the point Dan? Well it’s this: Some of the Quebec pieces that were in private collections are starting to become available. Not barn finds but treasured family heirlooms. There is a changing of the guard as we are now 54 years from our Centennial.
Please see the pictures here of some of the pieces we have recently acquired from a prominent family collection.
Any of these pieces will become a focal point not to mention a family heirloom. The colour of these antique Canadian pieces will add richness and character to a modern setting.
You can book a private appointment and we offer curb-side pick-up of course.

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