Spy Prints from Vanity Fair Including Sporting Figures and Royalty

In addition to our WWII posters, and our fine collection of restaurant and travel menus, we now add a very large collection of Vanity Fair Spy prints from 1888 to 1994.

Among these lithographs are some of the biggest names in politics, sporting life and society of the day. There is a Rudyard Kipling, a Prince George, before he was the Prince of Wales, and many prominent rowers, cricket players and golfers of the era.

Many of the works contain a stamp for the Castle and Falcon, an inn and tavern, built in the 1680’s and demolished in 1901 in Aldersgate Street, London. Another great collection find from the intrepid Louis Keene.

Spy prints received their moniker from one of the artists who instead of signing his name Ward, signed it Spy.

They are all very suitable for framing and look tremendous grouped together. Now on display at Danfield’s.57-20151120_152510 56-20151120_152329 59-20151120_152657 55-20151120_152104 54-20151120_151930 53-20151120_145649 72-20151120_152152


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